My Very First Post or Should I Say Blog?

Okay, so my name is Jack Richardson and I hail from Ohio. For several years I had this passion to detail my life’s journey on a blog. Finally, I am here today.

There is one main reason for this blog’s inception. It is to live healthy.

I have trouble staying fit and healthy. Fast foods and sedentary lifestyle has completely ruined my health. Recently, when I took blood pressure test it was 185/122 and I am just 30. This led me to check my sugar levels. Fasting level was 154 while postprandial stood at 300.

If any of you are reading, you will probably think that I am lazy. Actually, I am not.

In my quest to earn money I had a sedentary lifestyle.

I work 14 hours a day sitting in front of my computer. I wouldn’t say I don’t have time to exercise but I definitely find it hard to do.

Therefore, I plan to exercise from today and stay fit.

And yes, I have a plan.

The plan is simple.

Cardio fro 15 minutes, stretching, sit-ups, pushups and some crunches for abs. This routine goes for morning.

In the evening, I will train hard by lifting weights. Some call it strength training.

I will be resting on alternative days from weight lifting. However, cardio will be on all days.

Now, that I have a plan, lets see how I do it today.