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Can HCG Injections be Used for Weight Loss/

Although I am happy with results from HCG drops, I am not completely satisfied. For instance I read somewhere that HCG injections are more effective than HCG drops.

HCG injections are injected directly into your blood whereas HCG drops are taken orally. Since, HCG injections are injected within your blood, it acts much faster.

The problem with HCG drops is that when taken orally, it mixes with food. Hence, it gets mixed with foods your body doe not get to absorb it completely.

But this is not so with HCG injections.

Another great advantage of using HCG injections is that it boosts the testosterone levels in your body.

I am definitely low on this thing.

HCG injections increase testosterone by mimicking Leutinizing hormone. This LH is responsible for testosterone production in the body. Therefore, this method of boosting testosterone is 100% natural and does not have any side effects.

The next question is where should i buy HCG injections from?

I have filtered a couple of sites for my decision. The first site is Nuimage medical. It is great site and allows medical support. The second on my list is ihcginjections. This site has cheap injections and does not seem too catchy. Finally, the third is hcgchica. This seems great.

I guess buying injections of hcg from online stores is the best thing to do. I will update you guys with my experience with HCG injections soon. Stay tuned!

HIIT for Weight Loss

The other day I was searching for weight loss through exercise. I was specifically looking for an exercise program that will help in shedding some weight.

It was at this time that I came across HIIT High Intensity Interval Training on Wikipedia.

The article describes that this type of weight lifting or exercising greatly reduces fasting glucose and weight loss.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

However, the problem for is finding an exact step by step laid out HIIT plan.

I searched for a long time yet didn’t find a program.

However, I am following a program by some editor of Forgot his name. I suppose he is the one who trained Hrithik Roshan.

The plan is simple. strength training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On alternate days cardio for 20 minutes.

Although I love to exercise I hate doing cardio. Not sure why. Maybe its the cross trainer. I might do well with a treadmill.

Yeah, I have most of the equipments at home. I don’t go to a gym. The reason being I cannot follow a schedule time table.

Sometimes I work late in the evening and sometimes I get up late.

You might say discipline is really important for weight loss by my life style is skewed.

Yesterday was friday and I missed strength training workout which I will do today. And I will ensure it is done in an HIIT manner.

I hope someone is reading my blog.

Long time – No Update

Okay, so its been a long time since I updated my blog. The reason was I wanted to see the results for myself before writing over here.

The HCG diet is very hard. thats whats I would say. The foods feel so little to eat and you can’t even have a full stomach. The HCG drops are just another fad I think.

but I must say that i have lost 10 pounds in these short periods.

So what  I did?

I followed the HCG diet that was laid out by this site which sells hcg drops that are best. The idea was to follow and eat only the allowed foods within the food list.

I took a printout of the foods to eaten. Took it while I was shopping and purchase them all. I had it placed them in the refrigerator.

The first day was the worst. I couldn’t possibly follow the 500 calorie diet.

I cheated and had an oily snack.

Which made the matter even worse.

The second day was okay, I tried my best to stick on the diet and I did.

I took the hcg drops before each meal. It was approx 10 drops into my mouth.

I am yet not convinced as to whether the hcg drops are really helping in weight loss. Because the calorie intake is so low that you are bound to lose weight.

the third day was easy or okay.

And from the fourth day I hardly felt much hunger.

Was it really the HCG drop working? Nope, My guess is that my body got used to the low calorie diet. And therefore wasn’t feeling much hunger pang.

Fast forward it to 10 Days.

I was watching my weight daily early in the morning.

In the beginning of days of starting HCG diet, I didn’t lose much. I lost like only a pound in four days.

but as days passed I started to lose more. I was afraid coz I am sure one is not supposed to lose so much weight.

And in the  end of 10 days in total I lost 7 pounds. My god!

Although I don’t believe in the HCG diet, it gets the job done. So kudos to it.