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Its Not Even 24 Hours and I have Broken My Promise


Yesterday I promised I will exercise to health. Unfortunately, I didn’t exercise today. I feel like a loser. It is not even 24 hours and I have broken my promise.

Let’s analyse why I broke my promise.

Reverse engineering the cause, first I woke up late. The reason I woke up late was I ate a heavy dinner. And the reason I ate a heavy dinner because it was chicken and rice which I love.

As you can see I have committed the sin of gluttony. I am filled with guilt. I know eating too much is not good for health.

No matter how much I try to avoid over eating I fail miserably at it.

But I would like to try again not to over eat.

So what steps should I take not to overeat?

First and foremost I must chew my food well. And this chewing process should take at leat 15 seconds per morsel.

Secondly I will put small portions of meal on my plate.

It is 10 am while writing and I have already had a heavy breakfast.

Past is past and I will focus on these two process from lunch.

Small portions of meal and chewing well.

and sure will update tomorrow.