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HIIT for Weight Loss

The other day I was searching for weight loss through exercise. I was specifically looking for an exercise program that will help in shedding some weight.

It was at this time that I came across HIIT High Intensity Interval Training on Wikipedia.

The article describes that this type of weight lifting or exercising greatly reduces fasting glucose and weight loss.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

However, the problem for is finding an exact step by step laid out HIIT plan.

I searched for a long time yet didn’t find a program.

However, I am following a program by some editor of Forgot his name. I suppose he is the one who trained Hrithik Roshan.

The plan is simple. strength training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On alternate days cardio for 20 minutes.

Although I love to exercise I hate doing cardio. Not sure why. Maybe its the cross trainer. I might do well with a treadmill.

Yeah, I have most of the equipments at home. I don’t go to a gym. The reason being I cannot follow a schedule time table.

Sometimes I work late in the evening and sometimes I get up late.

You might say discipline is really important for weight loss by my life style is skewed.

Yesterday was friday and I missed strength training workout which I will do today. And I will ensure it is done in an HIIT manner.

I hope someone is reading my blog.

After 20 Minutes of Cardio

I must write this. Yesterday I was bored and decided to jump on the cross trainer. It has 8 levels and I still can’t manage to go past 5. Level 4 is pretty tough.

However, I decided to take it easy. Started off with level 2.

First I rank forward for a minute. Then for the next minute I ran in reverse manner .

then for the third minute I rank on third level.

In the 4th minute I ran in reverse. Then I increased the level to 4.

In the fourth level, I ran until I hit 10 minutes on the screen. By this time I was already sweating.

Then I decreased the level to 3 and ran for another 5 minutes.

Again increased the level to 4 and ran another 3 and a half minute.

Finally I cooled down with level 2 for the next 1 minute.

After doing cardio in this manner I felt a little tired. Had three cutlets which my wife prepared.

But the great part comes today. I feel active like I never felt before in the past few months.

I mean I went shopping, bought fish to be cooked at home and then later helped to clean and chopped some onions in the kitchen.

Moreover, I also played some ps4 game to pass away the time. And oh! did I mention that I also worked before going to shopping?

I feel like breaking down things and lifting and carrying something. This is such a great feeling.

I am going to run today and will try to adhere to this schedule for the next week and see how thing unfold.

Weight loss is not my aim here. My aim to stay fit and healthy. Daily 20 minute cardio in evening and strength training every other day.

That’s all for update today.

And an update for hcg with weight loss will come soon.

Searching for A Diet that works

I am really fed up with trying to eat less and stay healthy.

Not sure what is my problem. I don’t know what to do when I miss a plan. And the worst part I can’t follow my own plan.

So I decided to follow someone else’s plan. In short a diet regime.

The other day I was surfing the net and found a diet called HCG diet. Don’t know if this works. But I see several women praising the diet.

Upon investigating a little I found that the HCG diet is low calorie diet. You have to restrict yourself with amount of foods you eat. This seems logical.

But I don’t understand the part which speaks about hcg injections and hcg drops. The article mentions one needs to have hcg injections or hcg drops to lose weight.

I am already on a low calorie diet, why the hell do I need an injection or drop?

But a plan is a plan, And I have decided to follow it.

So according to this plan one must eat less food and injection or consume hcg drop.

Injections are pretty expensive. So I will go with the drops.

While searching I came upon this called which recommends 3 best hcg drops.

I can see the blogger recommends a drop called HCG complex. But I think HCG triumph is good.

The blogger is preferring the latter as it is cheap. Apart from that I see no major difference.

I am planning to purchase the test kit on hcg triumph site. Hopefully I will purchase today or tomorrow.

Once, I receive the bottle I will update later.

A New Realization on Monday

I woke up late but with a new mindset. I didn’t felt healthy and active. Some type of drowsiness wanted me to take another nap.

In a women’s magazine I read somewhere that if you didn’t eat healthy the next day won’t be active.

If that were true then I haven’t been eating right.

for one thing I am eating late at night around 10 pm.

This is too late.

Secondly I have been eating carbs too much. And I plan to reduce it.

Hence, today morning I woke up fried three eggs. Ate it all with 4 breads.

Even the 4 bread sounds too much.

Anyway I see that as a good start.

let’s see what I eat for lunch.

Its Saturday Already!

I haven’t written a post in the last 3 days. Guess, it is hard to stay committed to writing or anything for that matter.

However, it is Saturday morning and I feel fine but not great.

The idea was to reduce my weight and stay fit. But I noticed that I was reading all these bodybuilding stuffs. I finally found this is not necessary.

Hey! I am trying to lose weight and not look bulky, right?

It was then I noticed exercise should be interesting rather than just another chore.

The plans I found and followed seemed like a chore or a must follow plan.

These plans felt food for the first few days but later I started to lose interest in them.

It was then I concluded exercise can be anything.

You just have to do it.

And that is what I shall follow.

So be it.