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Introduction to mY Blood Pressure and Sugar

Today I woke and checked my Blood pressure and sugar.

My blood pressure is 143/90 and Blood sugar is 139. I know both are too high but not when compared to past.

In the past my blood pressure was 220/122 and sugar was 154.

Now you see its a significant decrease.

I have been avoiding sugar since I noticed my high sugar levels. Carbohydrates are also on my no no list. I guess that is the reason for the decreased numbers.

Moreover, i learnt that blood pressures are related sugar levels. And both are proportional to each other. I haven’t been trying to reduce my blood pressure level. But I find it reduced along with my sugar levels. Now only if I knew how to reduce my sugar levels further.

I definitely have no idea and I do not want to take medicines for my sugar level.

I am guessing high intensity levels are a way to go. But not sure.

anyways, yesterday night I ate a light meal. I had omelletes with 3 eggs, beetroots fried and some rice. Usually I eat large portion of rice. Now, I cut on rice and take large servings of vegetables and eggs.

Will continue doing the same.