Can HCG Injections be Used for Weight Loss/

Although I am happy with results from HCG drops, I am not completely satisfied. For instance I read somewhere that HCG injections are more effective than HCG drops.

HCG injections are injected directly into your blood whereas HCG drops are taken orally. Since, HCG injections are injected within your blood, it acts much faster.

The problem with HCG drops is that when taken orally, it mixes with food. Hence, it gets mixed with foods your body doe not get to absorb it completely.

But this is not so with HCG injections.

Another great advantage of using HCG injections is that it boosts the testosterone levels in your body.

I am definitely low on this thing.

HCG injections increase testosterone by mimicking Leutinizing hormone. This LH is responsible for testosterone production in the body. Therefore, this method of boosting testosterone is 100% natural and does not have any side effects.

The next question is where should i buy HCG injections from?

I have filtered a couple of sites for my decision. The first site is Nuimage medical. It is great site and allows medical support. The second on my list is ihcginjections. This site has cheap injections and does not seem too catchy. Finally, the third is hcgchica. This seems great.

I guess buying injections of hcg from online stores is the best thing to do. I will update you guys with my experience with HCG injections soon. Stay tuned!

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