After 20 Minutes of Cardio

I must write this. Yesterday I was bored and decided to jump on the cross trainer. It has 8 levels and I still can’t manage to go past 5. Level 4 is pretty tough.

However, I decided to take it easy. Started off with level 2.

First I rank forward for a minute. Then for the next minute I ran in reverse manner .

then for the third minute I rank on third level.

In the 4th minute I ran in reverse. Then I increased the level to 4.

In the fourth level, I ran until I hit 10 minutes on the screen. By this time I was already sweating.

Then I decreased the level to 3 and ran for another 5 minutes.

Again increased the level to 4 and ran another 3 and a half minute.

Finally I cooled down with level 2 for the next 1 minute.

After doing cardio in this manner I felt a little tired. Had three cutlets which my wife prepared.

But the great part comes today. I feel active like I never felt before in the past few months.

I mean I went shopping, bought fish to be cooked at home and then later helped to clean and chopped some onions in the kitchen.

Moreover, I also played some ps4 game to pass away the time. And oh! did I mention that I also worked before going to shopping?

I feel like breaking down things and lifting and carrying something. This is such a great feeling.

I am going to run today and will try to adhere to this schedule for the next week and see how thing unfold.

Weight loss is not my aim here. My aim to stay fit and healthy. Daily 20 minute cardio in evening and strength training every other day.

That’s all for update today.

And an update for hcg with weight loss will come soon.

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