Long time – No Update

Okay, so its been a long time since I updated my blog. The reason was I wanted to see the results for myself before writing over here.

The HCG diet is very hard. thats whats I would say. The foods feel so little to eat and you can’t even have a full stomach. The HCG drops are just another fad I think.

but I must say that i have lost 10 pounds in these short periods.

So what  I did?

I followed the HCG diet that was laid out by this site which sells hcg drops that are best. The idea was to follow and eat only the allowed foods within the food list.

I took a printout of the foods to eaten. Took it while I was shopping and purchase them all. I had it placed them in the refrigerator.

The first day was the worst. I couldn’t possibly follow the 500 calorie diet.

I cheated and had an oily snack.

Which made the matter even worse.

The second day was okay, I tried my best to stick on the diet and I did.

I took the hcg drops before each meal. It was approx 10 drops into my mouth.

I am yet not convinced as to whether the hcg drops are really helping in weight loss. Because the calorie intake is so low that you are bound to lose weight.

the third day was easy or okay.

And from the fourth day I hardly felt much hunger.

Was it really the HCG drop working? Nope, My guess is that my body got used to the low calorie diet. And therefore wasn’t feeling much hunger pang.

Fast forward it to 10 Days.

I was watching my weight daily early in the morning.

In the beginning of days of starting HCG diet, I didn’t lose much. I lost like only a pound in four days.

but as days passed I started to lose more. I was afraid coz I am sure one is not supposed to lose so much weight.

And in the  end of 10 days in total I lost 7 pounds. My god!

Although I don’t believe in the HCG diet, it gets the job done. So kudos to it.

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