Searching for A Diet that works

I am really fed up with trying to eat less and stay healthy.

Not sure what is my problem. I don’t know what to do when I miss a plan. And the worst part I can’t follow my own plan.

So I decided to follow someone else’s plan. In short a diet regime.

The other day I was surfing the net and found a diet called HCG diet. Don’t know if this works. But I see several women praising the diet.

Upon investigating a little I found that the HCG diet is low calorie diet. You have to restrict yourself with amount of foods you eat. This seems logical.

But I don’t understand the part which speaks about hcg injections and hcg drops. The article mentions one needs to have hcg injections or hcg drops to lose weight.

I am already on a low calorie diet, why the hell do I need an injection or drop?

But a plan is a plan, And I have decided to follow it.

So according to this plan one must eat less food and injection or consume hcg drop.

Injections are pretty expensive. So I will go with the drops.

While searching I came upon this called which recommends 3 best hcg drops.

I can see the blogger recommends a drop called HCG complex. But I think HCG triumph is good.

The blogger is preferring the latter as it is cheap. Apart from that I see no major difference.

I am planning to purchase the test kit on hcg triumph site. Hopefully I will purchase today or tomorrow.

Once, I receive the bottle I will update later.

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